Festival Generated Awards

Superior Certificates

The Gold Cup Program

More details are available in the Festival Bulletin.  The following is a summary:

Please check with your center head to arrange to pick up your Gold Cup/NJ Trophy order.


The New Jersey Trophy

This trophy is a special award for the purpose of encouraging students to play multiple events. Teachers are responsible for ordering the anticipated NJ trophy during the online registration for students.

There are two different ways to earn the NJ trophy:

 1) The NJ Trophy may be earned in one year by playing in three separate events (e.g., piano solo, concerto, duet)

 2) The NJ Trophy can be earned in a two year period by playing in two events for two consecutive years.


Gold Cup Criteria

The NJFMC has one Gold Cup Concert each year.  The concert is free and everyone is welcome to attend, although only Gold Cup winners may perform (see the following restrictions).

Gold Cup ConcertAny students receiving their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Grand, or President’s Gold Cups may perform.  1st cup winners age 15 and above are also eligible to perform.  The concert usually is held in early May, and features the winners of the Junior Composers Competition and Bookstabler Competition as well.  See the current calendar on the website for the date and location.

Provide the following information to the Gold Cup Concert Chairman:

Please be aware that students receiving their 1st Gold Cups are not eligible to perform unless they are age 15 or older on the day of the concert.