The NJFMC chapter has two piano competitions that are unique to our state. Because of generous piano donors and benefactors from the state of NJ, we are able to offer two yearly competitions in their honor.


New Jersey’s Joseph Israel Bookstaber Memorial Award Competition

1st place  - $750

2nd place - $500

3rd place - $250


Repertoire Requirements

Entrants are expected to play an audition of thirty minutes consisting of the following:

  1.  Bach, or other Baroque composers – A Prelude and Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier, or a Toccata, or four movements of a dance suite, or an equivalent work
  2. A large Classical work (two movements of a Sonata, or a large set of Variations
  3. A Romantic work
  4. A Post-Romantic work

Please bring a typed copies of your program to the audition.  Bring one copy of your music for the judges (no photocopies, although legal downloads are permitted)


 Entry Fee and Application Deadline

  1. Entry fee:  $50. Please make checks payable to NJ Federation of Music Clubs, Inc.  Submit one check for the entire teacher’s studio.  
  2.  Application deadline:  March 25th. The application form is available for download on this website.  



New Jersey Federation of Music Clubs Piano Competition


New Jersey Federation of Music Clubs Vocal Competition



Junior Composers Contest




Other NFMC competitions

The NFMC offers more than $750,000 in competition and award prizes on the local, state, and national level. The Biennial Young Artist and Ellis-Duo-Pianists competitions award a total of $92,000 in awards and two years of performance bookings. Additional competitions are sponsored by the Federation in a wide range of categories, including voice, instrumental music, composition, dance, conducting, handicapped and visually impaired and music therapy.

  1. Applicant Instructions
    • Carefully read the NFMC Entrance rules.
    • Submit application forms and additional information sheets for a specific competition/award.
    • To see specific competitions/awards, click on this link to the national site.
    • Print out and complete and mail the application form.
    • Contact the chairman of the competition for additional information