NJFMC Competitions

The NJFMC has competitions that are unique to our state. In the fall, students of NJFMC members may participate in the Piano Competition and the Vocal Competition.  In the spring, any NJ piano student may participate in the Joseph Israel Bookstaber Memorial Award Competition (the teacher does not need to be an NJFMC member.)



Other NFMC competitions

The national NFMC offers more than $750,000 in competition and award prizes on the local, state, and national level. The Biennial Young Artist and Ellis-Duo-Pianists competitions award a total of $92,000 in awards and two years of performance bookings. Additional competitions are sponsored by the Federation in a wide range of categories, including voice, instrumental music, composition, dance, conducting, handicapped and visually impaired and music therapy.

  1. Applicant Instructions
    • Carefully read the NFMC Entrance rules.
    • Submit application forms and additional information sheets for a specific competition/award.
    • Go to the national NFMC site to see specific competitions/awards
    • Print out and complete and mail the application form.
    • Contact the chairman of the competition for additional information