Spring Junior and Senior Festivals

The Junior and Senior Festivals give students the opportunity to perform for a judge and be evaluated on their musical growth.  Students are praised for what they do well, and given constructive suggestions as to how they can improve.  The New Jersey Federation of Music Clubs strives to nurture a love a music as well as a growing technical mastery.


Overview of Festivals

“Festivals are designed for all members of the National Federation of Music Clubs.  The Festival is not a competitive event but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation.  The rules are set by the National Federation of Music Clubs.” (NFMC Federation Festival Bulletin, ii)


General Festival Information



Child Protection Policy

The National Federation of Music Clubs has established a Child Protection Policy to ensure that all students have a safe and positive experience at the Junior Festivals.  As part of this policy, the New Jersey Federation of Music Clubs has two adults in a judging room, and follows the guidelines set out in the pamphlet Preventing Child Sexual Abuse”.  All adults working as judges and proctors in the NJFMC Junior Festivals are required to read this pamphlet, and need to sign the Child Protection Form on a yearly basis.  The Child Protection forms will need to be signed at the Festival Centers.