How To Join!

NJFMC bylaws criteria for teachers who wish to join the NJFMC and enter students in the Junior Festivals must be:

  1. A private teacher holding a Bachelor’s degree with music as a major from an accredited University or College, or who is a graduate from a recognized Conservatory, and who has had two years private studio experience as a teacher in his or her major instrument, shall be eligible for membership.
  2. A teacher not holding a degree is required to present in audition three students who have studied with said teacher at least three full seasons. One of these students shall have had all of his or her training with the applicant.
  3. The Board may accept other criteria for membership at their discretion.
  4. The current membership dues are $65.


Fill out the new member application and send it to us by contacting us here.


Please note:  All members need to be registered and paid up with their yearly dues by December 1st in order to participate in the Junior festivals and Competitions of the following year.