The New Jersey Federation of Music Clubs (NJFMC) has a Summer Music Camp Scholarship program funded by the Judith Munro Dewette Scholarship Fund. 

Up to three students may be selected to receive a scholarship based on the strength of their application.  Scholarship amounts will range from $250 to $400, depending on the cost of the camp. Please note that not every student who applies will be selected. 


Applicants need to fulfill the following requirements: 


  1. The student needs to have participated in one or more NJFMC events, such as the Junior Festival or a Competition. 
  2. The student’s teacher must be a current member of the NJFMC. 
  3. The student will submit an approximately 500-word essay on the topic “What Music Means to Me”. 
  4. The student will submit one letter of recommendation from a music teacher. 
  5. If the student receives a Scholarship, they cannot apply again the following year. 
  6. Checks are made payable to the Music Camp and sent directly to the Camp. 
  7. Application deadline:  May 1


Summer Scholarship Application Form - Click here to download