Vivace is the official NFMC Festival registration management tool.

All NFMC festivals will be using Vivace for registration and reporting. 

Click here to log into Vivace!

This Vivace system verifies compliance with all Festival Bulletin rules at the time of registration.
Vivace reports are the official reports submitted to State and Regional Festival Chairs.

If you have not yet seen what Vivace can do, we recommend the overview video.
It will take about 10 minute of your time and is a great introduction.

Click here to view YouTube video of Vivace Overview


  1. Log into Vivace. From the "Quick Links" section click "My Students".
  2. Click on the "Register for Festival" icon next to the student that you want to register. (Second icon in the "Action" column)
    • Students not listed cannot be registered for a current festival.  If they are a new student, you need to add them to your student roster.  Review the Teacher Guide on page 5.
  3. Click the "Select" button next to the festival name and date of your choice.
    • The "Action" column will vary depending on the status of each festival. (Upcoming, Past, or Select).
    • Note: To make it easier, you can sort the listing by clicking the triangle icons next to the "Festival Start (Year)" text in the header.  
  4. Follow the prompts to select the Event and Level for each student. Complete the selection by clicking "Register".
  5. Review the performer's information to make sure it is correct.
    • Important note: If the student is eligible to combine or alternate events, checkboxes will display at the right-hand side of the performer's name. You can click the checkbox labeled "combine?" or "alternate?".  (Refer to the bulletin rules about combining and alternating between events.) 
  6. Select the Required piece by clicking the "Find" button, search for the piece, and make your selection. 
  7. Enter the information for the Choice piece. 
    1. Type in your "Piece Name".
    2. For Composer, Arranger, and Publisher, click the "Find"button to search and make your selections. 
      Important note: If the composer of the piece is not listed, please contact Lisa Casia at to request a composer to be added.  You will not be able to register further if the composer is not entered on our end first. You will need to provide the composer's 1) Full name, 2) year of birth, 3) year of death (if applicable) and the nationality of the composer.
  8. Enter scheduling notes that apply if necessary for an accompanist's name, siblings participating in the same festival, time concerns.
    Important note: Leave the fields blank if there are no scheduling issues. DO NOT enter "n/a", "none", or similar irrelevant text.