NJFMC Membership

NJFMC helps with ongoing efforts to promote music education and awareness in schools and in the community. Through community based efforts and national support of music and arts education, millions of dollars allocated for competition awards, the NFMC ensures that music continues to be an integral part of the American educational system. NFMC adds the collective strength of its state and local affiliates, and over a century of tradition that passes onto its members. Teachers and their students increase their opportunities to perform at all three levels of local, state, and national NFMC events. Each member also receives a subscription of the NFMC’s quarterly magazine for senior members and the Junior Keynotes. Members also have instant access to auditions, festivals, and other performance venues listed and updated on the NFMC’s national website. All members and their students also have the opportunity to be recognized through the NFMC’s awards programs such as competitions, local arts programs, state festivals, summer music camps, collegiate level recognition, music therapy education programs, disabilities and visual impairments, sacred and inspirational music, American Music Month, and National Music Week.

Please note:  All members need to be registered and paid up with their yearly dues by December 15th in order to participate in the Junior festivals and Competitions of the following year.  

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