Festival Rules and Information

NJ State Festival Chair - Lisa Casia

“Festivals are designed for all members of the National Federation of Music Clubs.  The Festival is not a competitive event but an opportunity to perform and receive evaluation.  The rules are set by the National Federation of Music Clubs.” (NFMC Federation Festival Bulletin, ii)

Rules & Regulations


Registration for the Junior and Senior Festivals

In order to participate in the Festivals, student registrations are due by JANUARY 15th through Vivace. Total Fees are due upon receipt of your invoice. Make total payment online or make one check payable to NJ Federation of Music Club, Inc. and send it to our NJ State treasurer: Christina Hansen (See membership directory for for address.).

Please note, student registrations received after January 15th are subject to a $75 late fee. There is a $20 change fee for any schedule changes.


Rating Sheets


Day of festival - Teachers please read.

Please note:  All children at the Festivals must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  All children are the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.  No child may be left unattended in the waiting room or judges’ room.  This includes the children of teachers/judges.

Day of Festival - Students

Festival Generated Awards

  1. Superior Certificates: 
    • This certificate is awarded to every student who receives a superior in any event. (Note: it is not the same as the participation certificate.)

    • These certificates may be picked up by the teacher at any Festival site, or at the Gold Cup concert.

  2. Gold Cups: The Gold Cup Plan is described in detail in the Festival Bulletin, available through the NFMC website (nfmc-music.org).  The following is a summary:
    • This is an incentive program sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs in which students are awarded a Gold Cup upon the accumulation of 15 points and multiples thereof in an individual event.  

    • The ratings the students receive in the festival are given points as follows:

Superior = 5 points

Excellent = 4 points

Satisfactory = 3 points

Fair = 2 points

Needs Improvement = 1 point     

1st Gold Cup = 15 points

2nd Gold Cup = 30 points 

3rd Gold Cup = 45 points 

4th Gold Cup = 60 points

Grand Cup (5th Gold Cup) = 75 points

President’s Cup (6th Gold Cup) = 90 points

The New Jersey Trophy

Gold Cup Concert

Please plan to attend and encourage your students to attend as well.  It is a wonderful opportunity to hear our young musicians.